20 February 2017

Family Fund Takeover Success

Hello! and welcome to my regular series, Marvellous Mondays. Here I will be publishing positive stories from other people, including my fellow Bloggers. These posts will be positive posts to remind us all on those hard and tiring days that it CAN be better. To give a little insight into other families and what they've achieved, any milestones they have reached with their children or anything that has made them happy that day. 
Marvellous Mondays was born when i had a really, really bad weekend with my daughter. It was a Monday morning and I started to write a new blog post about how i was feeling and what had happened. I found that I was making myself feel even worse and so i stopped and turned it into a positive post. It made me feel so much better writing about the The Many Things I Love About My Child
Anyone can join in with Marvellous Mondays, If you have a post that you wish to send me then please Email me at lotsofloveandaffection@outlook.com with a subject title of Marvellous Monday's and include a small description of who you are and a blog link if you have one. 
I'm really looking forward to sharing everyone's stories with you, and I hope you like them too.
Facebook ‘Take Over’

This Weeks Marvellous Monday, goes to Laura from Family Fund, Well done on the massive success Laura, I'm so pleased for the brilliant turn out, and thank you to everyone who read, commented, shared and supported me and Laura in January for the Family Fund Takeover. You're welcome back any time. 

On The 30th January I took part in a Facebook ‘Take Over’ to encourage first time applications and raise awareness of Family Fund in general. Between 8-9pm I took over one of our bloggers - Jodie's, Facebook page to talk about all things Family Fund. 

A Facebook ‘Take Over’ gives you the opportunity to be the page administrator of someone else’s Facebook page for an allotted period of time. This can only be done with trusted users but is a great and simple way to reach new audiences. 

I thought it was going to be quiet but Jodie informed me she had shared a post out to all of the disability groups she follows. 

During the hour I had a conversation with over 30 different parents all with varying degrees of Family Fund knowledge and quite a few who had never heard of us. Also during the hour the posts I shared, organically received endorsement from over 10 users as they shared the 'Take Over' session with their followers, singing our praises at the same time. Because it was a 'Take Over' on someone else's page I obviously don’t have access to their analytics, but working to the generalisation that the average user has roughly 300 followers within one hour we potentially could have reached over 12,000 people. 

Following the ‘Take Over’ Jodie contacted me to say the engagement had been great and in the last hour she had, had more than 300 new followers, so win/win for both the host and Family Fund. 


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