Since we started on our journey, my Autism with Love page has gone from strength to strength, and during that process it has given me the confidence and determination to carry on and take even bigger risks. I started submitting my writing to other pages and the editors have told me that they love my page and would be happy to work with me. I have since written pieces for other pages and websites, who have been publishing my work for over two months now. The feeling of happiness when you see your work published by other people and organisations is euphoric. This is the push i needed to expand on my blog and make all of my writing easily accessible for all of my readers. 

You'll find my find my collaborations here, please take a look around and have a read. I really hope you find this page useful, as it covers a range of topics, and explores feelings that aren't necessarily spoken about too much publicly.  


This Blog post is how i feel about Winter, and the struggles we face with our Sensory Difficulties when the weather changes. 

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When a Doctor told to Wean My Daughter off of Me

My Little girl is so attached to me that i cannot do anything without her, If i go out, i have to sneak, when i roam the house she's like a little mouse snaking behind me. Here i write about how we were told to wean her off of me to lessen the hold she had over me, and how we got it wrong, with no help, or advice from professionals finally we gave in and done things our way.

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The Moment Anxiety Took a Hold of Me.

I not ashamed to admit that i suffer with anxiety, In fact as soon as i realised i went to the Doctors to seek help. I understand though that for many people who suffer with anxiety it can be hard to speak out about and even ask for help. I wanted to share my experience, so that others could see is isn't so taboo as they think. I hope that people can gain some confidence when reading this and hopefully find that they can pluck the courage up to speak out and maybe even share their own experiences one day.

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The Circus Comedy My Children Didn't Understand.

When I realised with a heavy heart that my children really struggled to understand non-verbal humour, at the Circus, It really made sad to see them so confused about something that I found stomach clenching funny!

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The Many Things I Love About My Child

After having a really bad couple of weeks, everything was a struggle, even going to sleep and waking up screaming. I Felt really really low and couldn't concentrate, so i started to write about my feelings which made me feel worse, thats when i decided to start writing about the things i love about my child and suddenly my mood improved.

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How We Deal With Halloween

Halloween, or any other event for that matter can take some serious preparation for our family, And we still manage to forget things, or turn up late, etc. 

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Has Anxiety Stolen My Little Girl?

After one of the most distressing meltdowns my family had to encounter, and with emotions running though my body that I never knew i had, and my 7 year old autistic daughter safely asleep in my arms I write about her anxiety attack, describing what it was like looking from the outside. This post is quite raw, and only OUR experience but its real and a true reflection of how anxiety has a hold over my daughter.

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Im Sorry

This post was an apology to my children, for all the things i have missed during their small years, due to a full diary of appointments, last minute meetings and just general forgetfulness due to sheer exhaustion, I had quite a few people relate to this and i'm positive that there are many more families struggling to meet family life milestones, due to a need to solely fight for their children's wellbeing, health and educational needs.

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Why I Describe My Daughter As a Coke Bottle.

Many parents with children diagnosed with Autism (ASD) or with autistics traits and as yet undiagnosed, feel very frustrated when educational and health professionals disbelieve that the young person they assess or teach is described as having these quite violent outbursts, and meltdowns. This is my description of a meltdown building up in my daughter and only bubbling over the surface once I am around. These children are so compliant in school, and have the ability to hold it all in and mask their symptoms to such an extent that they practically go bang as soon as they are home.

Shake. Shake. Shake.

Play with what? I have no imagination!
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What Friendships Mean To Me.

My friends and family are so important to me that when Autism Awareness gave a me the topic to write about friendships, I jumped at the chance. Its really hard to have friends stick by you when your time is limited and you struggle to reciprocate the effort they put in, But sometimes you'll find the best like me!

I think i speak for many parents of autistic children, Or children with autism when i say the biggest lesson i have learnt is one about friendships

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Who Is Your Support Crew?

When Family fund sent out there topic of the month and asked bloggers to write about their support crew I jumped at the chance. My daughter has been attending a special needs dance class for about three years now and they have been everything i ever dreamed about.

Credit is given to Family Fund for publishing this post.

My Child Is Not Weird

When visiting a soft play centre one day in the children's school holidays - and i know you'll sympathise that taking children with extra needs, and disabilities is no easy task - We encountered one of those horrible moments when my beautiful little girl found another family really interesting and so she just walked over and stared. With her limited communication skills and the difficulty she faces with social interaction she wasn't quite sure how to communicate. And as parents of children that face these challenges its very important not to jump in too quickly and give your child direction, we need to step back some times and wait a little, give them a chance, but what i wasn't expecting is a grown woman pointing and making faces at her. 

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How School Uniform Rules Will Affect My Child.

There was quite a lot of media attention when the new school year started in September 2016,  about children not wearing the correct uniform to school, which resulted in them being sent home with an exclusion in some cases until the correct uniform was purchased. I was reading for days, all these parents Facebook posts, who were understandably frustrated that they'd spent a fortune for their child to be sent home because their shoes weren't quite the right shape, or they had tassels on, or the shirt they were wearing had the wrong collar for example. It got me thinking about when my children move up into the big scary world of secondary school and how the school, and my children would manage this situation

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My Hopes For My Child.

Being a parent of children that face so many challenges and struggles that no child should ever have to face, can make you re - evaluate your hopes and dreams, and lengthen your expectation timeframes. I have no doubt in my mind that my daughter will achieve things i never dreamed possible, she is hardworking, stubborn and never gives up, Most of all she is the most determined little person i have ever met. However the reality is slightly different for us and when you put all of that into perspective your hopes and dreams are turned from marriage, and successful careers to just being happy and having friends and family that care about her. Different things become more important.

Credit is given to Autism Awareness for publishing this post.

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