14 December 2016

You have no right to judge.

You have no right to Judge

What gives people the right to make such judgmental comments to others. I read a beautiful post yesterday from The Bowels of Motherhood asking people not to give up on her due to her time restrictions and not having enough of it to spend with friends and family or help out at the school. It really struck a cord with me and I shared with her a post I wrote for firefly which was really similar called I’m Sorry. We connected and swapped likes on each others pages.

Today I’m sat here -  after spending all week at the GP surgery and Chemist trying to work out what’s going on with my families medication, spending 3 hours of MY day sorting out other people mess when really they should have done this themselves. I have 5 people in my house hold and we all need medication from asthma inhalers, to very strong pain relief for my partner who has a very rare genetic condition. We NEED this medication to be regular and easy to order – Sat here with no Christmas tree, no decorations, I have barely brought a gift on the list and the food shop has gotten as far as requesting a deliver slot and adding three things to the bloody on-line basket. So whilst I still have all of that to do in preparation for the most exciting and festive time of year, I am here exhausted, feeling rather poorly, my bones are hurting, my nose is blocked and my eyes are stinging. I have no motivation. I have lost all of my Christmas spirit because I am so totally exhausted.

Why oh why do people make such ignorant and insulting remarks to people who are trying their hardest to get it just right!

People whom battle daily for, health and education for their children. Parents who, endure violent meltdowns almost daily, sometime numerous.

So you aren’t exhausted. You aren’t tired. and by the sounds of it you have it all worked out for the rest of your life that nothing will get in your way or drag you down. You will attend every single meeting, appointment, or school report. You’ll bake those cookies every week for the PTA, you will make decorations for the classrooms, get your child to school at the right time each day in the correct uniform with nothing missing, they will have fresh uniforms, all crisply ironed and no chocolate milk on their faces, pretty bows in their softly conditioned hair that’s been plaited to perfection.

This is not reality. 
Even for parents who have children with no additional needs or disabilities. I think you just wanted to be a troll. Maybe you have been upset that day and taken your frustration out on someone who is clearly trying their hardest for their children. Maybe you are bitter. Maybe just maybe you could SCROLL past.

There is a whole community of us out here who will do our damned hardest to protect/defend those who do not deserve your ignorance. So we are tired. THIS is reality. It isn’t as simple for everyone who have autistic children to hire a poop trainer! So jump down off of your pedestal before you’re pushed. Because no one likes a show off!

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