18 December 2016

Top 10 must have Sensory aids for the home.

When i first started writing about Sensory Processing Disorder, I had no idea that it would lead onto a little mini series but there really is so much to say about it. Its such a complicated disorder, and no one hour/day/week is the same for these children/adults that have some sort of sensory difficulty. 

 (Pic of my daughter, snuggling into her fiddle beanbag made especially for her, with a weighted blanket on top. Ear defenders and a hood for extra - good noise drowning - measures and her chew buddy.)
When i first started learning about techniques and aids to help my daughter, there wasn't really a lot of accessible information on the internet. Although i did find one really decent booklet from a council that is no where near where i live.

This booklet really helped me understand the difficulties and the behaviours associated with each sense that is affected, and so i learned to manage each one separately, understand things to avoid, and become very aware of when my daughter is struggling to process all the sensory information and input, that she is getting from certain situations, outings, or activities. Understanding your own child and not just a booklet or leaflet of information is crucial because each day will be different and therefore the management of the disorder varies significantly.

I Joined a host of support groups, and followed the Sensory diet plan from the Occupational Health Therapist to the letter. I brought all the tools, and aids recommended, and what struck me most about these items, is that because the items are used for medical conditions the price tag increases tenfold, I have an amazon Prime account and used it to my advantage. The prices are very reasonable, the delivery is guaranteed next day. (Unfortunately I've had a few issues with delivery but overall customer service is excellent and those cons never outweigh the pros) 

All of these products have been tried and tested, and work amazingly. You may find you need to carry around an extra bag with you when go to certain places so that in an emergency they are easily accessible. 

Things i carry around in my bag depending on where we are going:

1. Ear defenders.

2. Chew buddy's

3. Her special blanket (Yours may be a teddy or taggy but equally important)

4. A pot of play dough.

5. Crunchy snacks. (She needs to have regular snacks, because of the amount of energy she burns off she needs re-fuelling)

Sometimes a child can have the most awful meltdown for the simplest of reasons - HUNGER - And if your child is not great at communicating these difficulties then its worth trying this in the first instance to see if it helps.

6. Fiddle toys, like tangle toys 

7. And last but most importantly not least - The I pad or I pod. This is a big distraction tool for us.

Other things i brought that have worked:

1. A weighted blanket, You will need your child's weight so that the blanket can be made        according to size.

2. A weighted rucksack for that turbulent walk to school.

3. A Swinging pod (Hangs from the ceiling) for some quiet relaxation time in her room.

4. All kinds of bedroom lights, Bubble fish lamp, Lava lamp, salt rock lamp, Ceiling sensory lights, butterfly lights (That are never turned off) Some awesome hand held light switches that are battery operated, giving visual and tactile input.

5. Physio peanut balls, an awesome buy for those that have ants in their pants or just need to bounce and roll all over the place.

6. A Tee-Pee, which i put up in her room and in the summer in the garden, filled with her must haves, and her beanbag for added comfort. Providing a safe and stimulating place for her to retreat to when shes overwhelmed.

7. A spinning top, which she absolutely loves watching spin. Its also a humming one, so the noise that it makes whilst spinning, and the visual input that it gives off is very attention grabbing.

All of these techniques have proved effective for different situations. I hope that this post helps some of you to find some new strategies and aids to help yourself or your children. 

Thank you very much for reading

Here are my Top Ten must have Sensory aids for the Home (Or School) 

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