6 April 2017

Autism Awareness - #YourJourneyMyBlog - An Isolating and Lonely Day.

The month of April is best known for the explosion of Easter Bunnies, obscene amounts of chocolate as gifts for children and a magnificent feast to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. To many people April is Easter, they plan, they organise, many months in advance sometimes, Children have the time of their lives, gorging on chocolate, receiving gifts from extended family members, but to me, April is Autism Awareness month.

So to celebrate this, I am going to dedicate my blog for a whole month to families who wish to share their Autism Journey with you.

Some of these people have autism themselves, some are autistic parents to autistic children. We have teachers with autistic students and even Bloggers who want share their journey with me, which I am very grateful for.

Just getting through today..... Husband walks through the door, I breathe a sigh of relief. Sure we'll end up arguing later at some point... But you do when your stressed, don't you? 

My beautiful boy is Eight years old, he is non-verbal and severely autistic. It's half term and I'm exhausted. My daughter, 5 has her own special needs, yet to be diagnosed and has accommodated her brother all day, yet again. 

I used to worry endlessly about tomorrow, next week, next year! But now the struggle is just getting through today.. I just want to get through today.

A day without meltdowns, unexplained upset, a day where we are all happy, smiling and playing together. It does happen, but not today.. Today was isolating, lonely, and exhausting. Now my

husband is home, power in numbers!! 

Tomorrow will be here soon, but we got through today... 

 Kelly Cochrane, Mum to two special kiddos

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